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Hi. I am
de Oliveira

Freelancer Full Stack Developer

Knowledge: HTML5, CSS3 (TailwindCSS), Javascript/TypeScript (Express, React, React Native, Nest.js), Git/Github, Linux.


Hello, my name is Christopher Leonardo de Oliveira. I have been a Full Stack Developer for 3 years, and I have been passionate about technology since I was a child.

I am curious and always seek to learn about new ways to implement my work more quickly and simply.

My primary focus in development today is the JavaScript/TypeScript stack, working as a FullStack developer primarily with React.js, React Native, and Node.js.

In addition to development, I have a few favorite hobbies. I enjoy playing video games, playing the guitar, singing, and chatting with friends on Discord.



Chat Visualizer

A Node.js Project. Would you like to see your chat stream with a custom design? This is for you!

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A PHP "Facebook like" social network made on B7web course

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OLX (inspired) Node API

A nodejs olx inspired api, for educational porpuses, created based on b7web project. Adapted from MongoDB to Mysql

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